Explaining Oral Allergy Syndrome

Some people get itchiness in their mouth or throat after eating certain fruits like melon or peaches. Many would think it is a food allergy to the fruit or vegetable and believe they need to stop eating that food. However, as with all food allergies, we encourage you to seek the advice of a board-certified

How to Fight Summer Allergies

Summer allergies are common in the US and are often caused by pollen, specifically grass and ragweed pollen. Learn how to treat your allergies!

Allergy Symptoms vs COVID-19 Symptoms

Allergy Season can add confusion when it comes to determining if you have symptoms of COVID-19. We’ve listed allergy symptoms vs COVID-19 Symptoms.

Spring seasonal allergies: Spring 2020 is expected to be a doozy!

Heads up for those with spring seasonal allergies: Spring 2020 is expected to be a doozy of a season. Here are things you can do to help.

Everything you Need to Know about Allergies in Toddlers

Anyone can develop allergies at any point during their life. Children are no exception, even toddlers. Children may develop food allergies or eczema earlier in life, but it usually requires exposure to multiple pollen seasons, to develop allergic rhinitis.

Get Ready For Fall Allergies

Ready or not Fall allergies are on the way. Take a look at these tips for reducing the effect of fall allergies. Let Family Allergy and Asthma help!

Summertime Sneezing? Allergies might be a Culprit.

If you catch yourself sneezing in the summer time, those sneezes could be a result of summer time allergies. We’ve listed out what you need to know.

Tips to Combat Grass Pollen Season

Pollen, many people think of flowers, weeds, and trees when they hear the word but grasses also produce it during the late spring months. Grass is one of the bothersome allergens that may cause seasonal allergies.

What to Do When Allergies Are in Full Force

Your allergies may have noticed that pollen is out in full force. Runny noses combined with sinus congestion, sneezing, coughing and itchy, watery eyes have returned along with the high pollen counts. The temperatures are on the rise, meaning pollen is here to stay. This time of year many different tips and myths pop up

5 Spring Cleaning Tips to Ease Allergies

Simple spring cleaning tips that can help you reduce the allergens in your home and help you ease your allergy symptoms while in your home!