25 Myths about Allergies and Asthma

There is a ton of information floating around in the world, and sometimes things stick that aren’t necessarily true. When it comes to medical conditions, these misconceptions can lead to patients waiting longer before seeking treatment, incorrectly diagnosing themselves, and using incorrect medications.

Treating Weed Pollen Allergies in Chattanooga, TN

In the Chattanooga area, weed pollen usually begins to pollinate in August and continues until the first or second frost. Learn more about the fall allergy season.

Here’s the Most Common Summer Allergies and How to Prevent Them

Here at Family Allergy and Asthma, we know just how difficult it can be to fight summer allergies, especially when any sign of cough, congestion, or a sore throat can be a symptom of something worse. 

Speeding to Relief: Cluster and Rush Allergy Shots

When allergy and asthma symptoms are relentless, we offer Cluster and Rush Allergy Shots To speed up the timeline. Learn more!

10 Tips for Cleaning with Your Allergies in Mind

Spring Cleaning can be a daunting task to those with allergies. Here are ten tips for cleaning with your allergies in mind!

Going for the gold: Athletes and Asthma

As we move through January, we can all look forward to the 2022 Winter Olympic Games! The games happen February 4 through February 20 in and around Beijing, China.

New Year, Same Allergies

New year, new me. That phrase gets tossed around frequently this time of the year as people start making their new year’s resolutions. Allergies and asthma are often forgotten, but there is no better time to start a plan for tackling springtime allergies, then right now.

3 Reasons to Get an Allergy Test Before Spring

There are many reasons to get allergy tested before the spring pollen season kicks in, but today, we’re going to lay out 3 reasons why you should get an allergy test before spring. 

Sesame allergy – how common is it?

While many people commonly share stories of shellfish, tree nut, or wheat intolerance, the facts reveal sesame allergy is more common than you might think.

Preparing Your Child with Allergies for College

If your student is heading to college, it’s an important time to help them prepare to manage their pollen, mold, and food allergies on their own.