Preventing Fall Asthma in Columbus Ohio

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Central Ohio’s Fall Weather May Bring Asthma Triggers

The season of fall in Ohio is beautiful because of various changes in weather, outdoor colors and other seasonal transformations. However, with those changes come some not so pleasant changes in asthma triggers. Asthma sufferers generally struggle more in the fall because of the airborne particles that are present throughout the changing season. The biggest triggers of fall asthma include airborne ragweed and mold spores. Asthma triggers can cause the airways to tighten resulting in wheezing, difficulty breathing and a serious chest cough.

Tips to enjoy the beautiful season without worrying about your asthma:

Medications: It’s important to follow an asthma action plan that can help you keep your asthma under control all year long.  Using a controller medication, such as a prescription inhaler, should cut down on asthma symptoms and help deal with the negative breathing effects fall brings.

Flu Shot: Another prevention method is getting a flu shot at the beginning of the season. The common flu and other respiratory infections that develop during fall and winter can cause a great deal of stress to preexisting asthma conditions. So, preventing the flu before it has a chance to run its course should also prevent asthma triggers this season.

Avoidance: If there is a specific thing or two that really trigger your asthma, they are different for each person, it’s best to avoid them completely. For some, it may consist of ragweed and for others it could include air pollution, among many others. It’s best to be aware of your surroundings and placing yourself in situations that won’t trigger an asthma attack.

Talk to Your Doctor

If you are unsure of how to deal with your specific asthma triggers, or to speak to a doctor about your recurring asthma, visit us at Family Allergy & Asthma. Understanding your triggers is the first step to taking control of your asthma. Our doctors are all trained in allergy and asthma medical treatment and prevention, and can provide all of the information you need and help get your allergies and asthma under control this season. Schedule an appointment today!