Dr. Sublett Cautions Use of Asthma Drug

Dr. Sublett spoke to Insider Louisville’s Darla Carter about an asthma drug, Primatene Mist that is being re-released to stores soon.

This drug was previously pulled from the market due to environmental reasons but was recently approved by the FDA. However, many medical professional groups have come out cautioning people with asthma from seeking to treat their asthma themselves with over-the-counter medications. Dr. Sublett discussed his similar concerns encouraging those with uncontrolled asthma to see their physician who can assess their condition and provide treatment options.

Below is a quote from the article:

Sublett said the product is short acting, and he worries about “the potential for overuse” as well as the risk of patients known as “under perceivers” not realizing that their condition is getting worse.

“Asthma is a chronic illness that needs to be evaluated and followed,” he said.

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