Dr. Franxman on Fox19 talking Seasonal Allergies

Dr. Franxman was on Fox19 with Dan Wells talking about seasonal allergy symptoms, and when you should see a doctor.

Watch the full clip: Seasonal Allergies


Trees and Grasses are the main pollinators during the spring months in the Cincinnati area. Trees start to pollinate in March but towards the end of the school year, we’ll get a double whammy as the grass begins to pollinate as well.

Many people wonder about the difference between a cold and allergies. The symptoms are similar, however, the duration of symptoms is different. If you end up with months of symptoms versus a week or so, then you may have allergies. Most patients visit their doctor when they have tried over the counter medication and different nasal sprays, but they’ve stopped working.

As allergists, we can test patients to find out what they are allergic to and develop a plan to help them find relief.