Dr. Franxman Talks Allergies and This Spring

Dr. Tim Franxman talked to Dan Wells with Fox19 in Cincinnati about allergies this spring. Watch the full clip at the link below:

Allergies and their Symptoms

Many people don’t realize they are suffering from seasonal allergies. This is especially true when we have a long winter that makes it seem like spring isn’t here yet. Patients experience symptoms and wonder, is it a cold or could it be allergies? In the greater Cincinnati area, the pollen season starts in March, despite the weather. Anyone suffering from recurrent symptoms, including upper nasal symptoms (sneezing, itchy watery eyes, runny or stuffy noses), is likely experiencing allergies instead of an infection.

Typically rainfall decreases pollen counts, but Thunderstorms can actually worsen allergies. Our board-certified allergist, Dr. Franxman, explains that as the wind carries the pollen into the moisture-rich clouds, the pollen swells due to the moisture and then fragments into smaller particles. Those particles fall back to the ground and can worsen allergy symptoms for those with allergies.

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