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FDA Approves New Allergy Tablets

The FDA has recently approved oral immunotherapy tablets for sale within the US. There are now three allergy tablets approved by the FDA:

  • Oralair (5 different grasses)
  • Grastek (timothy grass)
  • Ragwitek (ragweed)

These are all fast-dissolving tablets that are placed under the tongue and contain specific pollen extracts.  They are meant to be taken at least 12 weeks prior to the start of the grass or ragweed season.

The concept is the same as allergy shots; build up tolerance to bothersome allergens through consistent exposure. Family Allergy & Asthma’s Research Institute participated in the clinical trials of the grass tablets. In general they are less effective than allergy shots. Allergy shots have an effectiveness of over 80%. Allergy tablets are in the range of 50-60% effective.  Tablets are generally not the best option for patients who are allergic to multiple things.

Additional Information on the Tablets:

-Allergy tablets require a prescription, and it is required that a patient be allergy tested prior to being prescribed the tablets.

-The cost of the tablets will vary based on your insurance. At this time, we expect the cost to be comparable to allergy shots, but remember they cover only grass pollen or ragweed allergy and do not affect other types of allergy.

Family Allergy & Asthma offers a variety of treatment options for our patients, including allergy shots, tablets, and drops. We recommend you schedule an appointment with one of our allergists to find out what you’re allergic to and to review which treatment option makes the most sense for you.

To learn more about allergy tablets and our other treatment options, call 800.999.1249.

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