Spring seasonal allergies: Spring 2020 is expected to be a doozy!

spring 2020 allergies doozy

There is good news and bad news: The good news is, we had a mild winter! For those with seasonal spring allergies, the bad news is that spring 2020 is expected to be a doozy.

What does that mean? Well, doozy isn’t a medical term, but spring seasonal allergies are expected to be worse this spring due to a few factors.

Experts say the mild winter and early spring could mean higher-than-average pollen counts. Those with allergies will face a rougher go than in years past. Pollen is a major cause of suffering for those with seasonal allergies.

As winter fades into spring, pollen is spread around. It then gets in your eyes, nose, and throat, causing the traditional seasonal allergy symptoms of sneezing, itchy eyes, and runny noses.

You can also have hives and eczema.

But there are things you can do about spring seasonal allergies!

First, make an appointment with your allergist. He or she can get you started on medicine now to beat the onslaught of symptoms, hopefully. Allergy season in Ohio begins now, so don’t delay.

Another thing sufferers can try is immunotherapy or allergy shots. Many people with seasonal spring allergies find relief with allergy shots.

You can also stay inside when the pollen counts are super high and take a bath or shower before going to bed to rinse off all the pollen. Check your local weather channel for pollen count information.

And sleep with your windows closed! We know we love the fresh spring air too, but that is where the pollen spreads!

As always, if you have questions or concerns about your spring seasonal allergies, the medical experts at Family Allergy are here to help.

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