Dr. Stephen Pollard Talks COVID-19 and Allergies

Dr. Stephen Pollard sat down with Louisville News Outlet WDRB, to talk about the difference between COVID-19 and seasonal allergies. He says it’s becoming more and more common in the Louisville area to see patients who came in for allergies and found out it was really the virus.

Dr. Pollard explains the differences between the two and what symptoms could point to covid.

While some allergy symptoms can mock those of COVID-19, if a patient is running a fever, has body aches, or loss of taste/smell it is not allergies. Along with the different symptoms, Dr. Pollard also says that knowing what allergens you’re sensitive to, can help to tell the difference. If you are highly sensitive to grass pollen and pollen counts indicate a high concentration, it may be allergies

In the end, he says “The only way really, to know, is to get tested.”

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