Pregnancy & Asthma

There are special considerations in managing asthma during pregnancy: assuring adequate oxygen supply to the fetus and avoiding drugs that pose a potential risk. Asthma is one of the most common health conditions that can complicate pregnancy. One-third of pregnant women with asthma show improvement of their symptoms, one-third show worsening, and one-third remain the same. According to the National Institute of Health, women whose asthma becomes worse during pregnancy usually see a peak in severity in the second trimester, with symptoms becoming less severe in the final four weeks. Wheezing during labor and delivery is usually controlled with inhaled bronchodilators. The change in asthma severity during pregnancy is usually temporary; after delivery, most women’s asthma symptoms go back to where they were before they were pregnant.

Asthma, Pregnancy, and Medication

If you are thinking of becoming pregnant, it is important that you talk to your doctor sooner rather than later. If you are pregnant now, call your doctor immediately. Your obstetrician and asthma and allergy specialist can work together to create an asthma action plan for you that will ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy.

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