Discover Long-Lasting Relief

Immunotherapy (IT) is a highly effective and personalized solution that treats the root cause of allergies.

IT isn’t just about choosing a treatment; IT’s about choosing a new way of life!

Immunotherapy offers a long-term solution, desensitizing your immune system to triggers by gradually exposing it to allergens. IT is available in two forms to suit your needs and lifestyle.

– you have a poor response to allergy medications.

-complete avoidance of allergies is impossible.

-allergies get in the way of everyday life.

-you want to save money spent on over-the-counter medicine.

-you want to finally treat the root cause of allergies.

My daughter was using more sick days than any kid should use.

After immunotherapy, she was back to school, breathing well, and acing her classes!

I feel like I never have to worry about missing work in the spring months anymore. My allergies are finally manageable.

Allergy Shots

A custom series of shots introducing small amounts of your specifically identified allergens to gradually lessen symptom severity over time.

How is IT Administered?

STANDARD Patients receive an injection 2-3 times per week. This form of IT usually takes 3-4 months to reach the maintenance level.

CLUSTER Requires 1-2 hour visits twice
a week for 4 weeks in order to reach the maintenance dose. Patients receive 3-4 shots per visit with a 30-minute waiting period after each injection.

RUSH An expedited series of full-day visits to reach maintenance within 1-2 days. Injections are given every 30 minutes, with a 30-minute waiting period after each. Only administered in-office with a doctor present.

How Effective is IT?

About 80% of patients see significant improvement in symptoms after allergy shots.

Allergy Drops

Also known as sublingual immunotherapy or SLIT. This form of IT is a personalized treatment that involves placing your specific allergen extracts under the tongue.

How is IT delivered?

SLIT treatments typically require 3-4 months to take effect. Drops can be self-administered from the comfort of your home, on vacation or wherever you are!

How Effective is IT?

Allergy drops are 60-75% effective with a reduced reaction rate.