Medication Coupons

The link below will direct you to a website that is the largest database of manufacturer drug coupons on the internet. They check the links once per week to make sure no coupons have expired. If you have been prescribed a medication, it may be worthwhile to search the site to see if you qualify for any discounts or rebates. If you scroll down on their homepage, you will see coupons arranged by category, including Antihistamine – Hay Fever and Asthma, COPD. You may also select View All Coupons to search an alphabetical list.

Internet Drug Coupons

Additionally, there is a free app available that helps patients easily compare area pharmacies to find the cheapest cost for specific medications.  The app also makes patients aware of medication coupons and gives the availability to use them directly from the user’s mobile device.  Below is the link to the iTunes store to learn more about this app.

Good RX App