Dr. James Sublett Shares Tips to Allergy-Proof Your Home

Dr. Sublett spoke with Josh Hafner about how you can allergy-proof your home room by room. Pollen levels are high, but indoor allergens, dust mites, pet dander, and mold can cause suffering all throughout the year.

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It’s spring. Here’s how to allergy-proof each room of your home


Bedroom Tips

  • Keep it pet free
  • Encase mattress, box springs, and pillows
  • Wash bedding weekly

Living Room Tips

  • Limit rugs and carpeting, or vacuum regularly
  • Clean hard surfaces to reduce dust
  • Replace air filter for the furnace

Kitchen Tip

  • Check for leaks and mold, if mold is found, use appropriate cleaning products

Bathroom Tip

  • Ventilate the area to keep humidity below 50%

Laundry Room Tips

  • Don’t let wet clothes/towels sit
  • Ensure dryer vents outside of the home

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