Dr. Franxman talks Dealing with Seasonal Allergies

Dr. Tim Franxman talked to Dan Wells on Fox19 about how to deal with seasonal allergies.

Many are dealing with sniffling, watery eyes, and headache symptoms that are causing people to feel miserable this time of year. Stuffy noses, sinus pressure, and headaches may be an immune response to allergens in our environment. This time of year we see weed pollen, ragweed being the most prominent one, and mold spores.

Mold spores increase over the second half of the fall with the cold and damp weather.

Seeing a local allergist can help you identify what you are allergic to and then recommend what treatments are available for you. This may include medications or creating an immunotherapy plan customized specifically for you and your allergies.

The Ohio Valley makes it even more crucial to identify the specific triggers; river cities often rank high on the annual Allergy Capitals list that list cities as the worst cities to live in with allergies.

It’s important to identify a treatment plan to prevent you from having a miserable fall every year.

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